James bond lives down our street

Went to see James Bond last night, thought it was really good. The only part I thought was a little thin was when he was surfing and using a parachute at the same time, you could practically see the wires (bad special effects). All in all it was quite enjoyable and Halle Berry was, well what can you say, stunning.

Free Pupup Blocker

I’ve just found a really good Internet Exporer popup blocker called EMS Free Surfer MkII, it’s great for blocking all those annoying popup windows that get on your nerves when your surfing. Shame there’s not a version but hey the guy has got to write his software for the majority ehh ‘-)

Trying to find a Website Theme

I’ve been looking for free website themes all night. Where have all the free websites gone? I remember when there were lots of free stuff on the internet, certainly doesn’t seem to be the case these days. I did find one page that had free stuff here but that was it. Looks like I’m going to have to design this one myself, so I think I’ll keep it plain and simple ;-).

Website Tastic

Well it’s been over a year since I’ve actually thought about updating my website, but now that I’ve found a nice piece of software that will make it easier for me to update my site online. I might actually keep it reasonably up to date (No HTML editors for me, brill). This is the software I’ll be using to keep things up to date.