Good game… Good game…(and addictive)

Found a really simple game here which Ive been playing for little while, seemingly it’s called Simple Simon (Thanks for the info Thomas). If you have a few minutes, have a go. Its a very easy but very addictive.

Ohhh Thomas you could do with updating that page at some point mate *smile*.

Java games Galore

This link was pointed out to me today (Thanks Mark), its a website with loads of free java games. Its called Java Boutique Its a great place to spend a little time if your a games aficionado. If you happen to know of any site of a similar nature, feel free to e-mail me and let me know.

Kevin Mitnick’s story

I found a really good read in the Register today about Kevin Mitnick called the lost bio. Its basically the bits that his publishers cut out of his book. For those that don’t know about Kevin, he was a really famous computer hacker that got caught by the FBI a few years ago. He used his own form of social engineering to get the information he needed to compromise computer systems. If your studying Psychology, or just an observer of human nature. Then you might enjoy the read.


Linux ISO are collecting cash to cover the costs of running there website (since they are a non-profit website). If you have ever downloaded an Linux ISO from them for free (as I have occasionally) then it’s got to be worth a few minutes of your time and a couple of dollars of your money to keep this site going. You can find out more about contributing here

The Coolest looking PC

I was looking at this site on Friday and this has got to be the coolest looking PC in the world. Have a look here and let me know what you think. If you have a bit of time have a look at some of the other nice looking mini PC’s that are on this site. I think however that the people that design these things have far too much time on there hands *grin*.

Have Digital Camera will travel :))

I’ve treated myself to a late Christmas present, a nice digital camera. This is what it looks like. Its a mid range Fuji FinePix looks just like a proper 35M camera thats been squashed a bit at the sides. Now I’ll be able to take photographs and just download them onto this page without having to scan them (excellent!).