If Microsoft made a version of Linux

This site was pointed out to me late tonight, I think I’ll just blog it here so that I can have a better look at it tomorrow morning (Hows that for lazy). If Microsoft wrote a version of Linux it would definately look like this. Uhhh what a horrible thought.

Tempting Mmmmmm

Having gone for my usual Slashdot fix today I was Intrigued by a couple of links about Micro Helicopter. Obviously having been deprived as a child with regard to toys (not really), I would have to see if you could buy one, and yes you can actually purchase them here. I wonder if I could justify buying one to the gf since I’ve yet to use the kite she bought me for my birtday last year.

Hungover a Tad

Felling a little under the weather this morning might be the copious amounts of beer that I drank last night. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but this morning, it certainly doesn’t seem so clever.

I found this link online this morning, it’s a speech synthesis site and you can even use someone with a scottish accent (excellent idea).

Back to work today Ahhhhhh!

As always, after a realy nice weekend, well an extended 4 days, I’m back to work today doing the usual boring job. I love having time off to do my own thing but I always feel crap the day I start back, achh well suppose you can’t have a job you get paid for and enjoy. Who knows one of these days I might find one.

I found a link over the weekend (an old link) that made me smile yesterday. A flash presentation about the work F***, you can have a look for yourself here.

Abe the Happy Wanderer

Having shared a flat with Abe for a few years in Edinburgh, it’s nice to hear from him occasionally via e-mail. At the moment he’s backpacking in Austrailia and seem to be having a great time going by his weekly e-mails (I’m not jealous honest!). He recently sent me a link to a home video that I found quite amusing, you can see it for yourself but clicking here. Let me know what you think, it cheered up a rather boring day for me. You can also read his weekly blog on his website, there quite funny and insightfull. Well worth a read on a drab and boring day, brought a smile to my face anyway.