If Microsoft made a version of Linux

This site was pointed out to me late tonight, I think I’ll just blog it here so that I can have a better look at it tomorrow morning (Hows that for lazy). If Microsoft wrote a version of Linux it would definately look like this. Uhhh what a horrible thought.

Tempting Mmmmmm

Having gone for my usual Slashdot fix today I was Intrigued by a couple of links about Micro Helicopter. Obviously having been deprived as a child with regard to toys (not really), I would have to see if you could buy one, and yes you can actually purchase them here. I wonder if I could justify buying one to the gf since I’ve yet to use the kite she bought me for my birtday last year.

Hungover a Tad

Felling a little under the weather this morning might be the copious amounts of beer that I drank last night. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but this morning, it certainly doesn’t seem so clever.

I found this link online this morning, it’s a speech synthesis site and you can even use someone with a scottish accent (excellent idea).

Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines

I’ve just noticed that the apple site has a trailer of the new Terminator 3 film and it certainly looks worth going to see. Some time this year is the release date and the bad robot look very nice indeed (female) also of course.

Back to work today Ahhhhhh!

As always, after a realy nice weekend, well an extended 4 days, I’m back to work today doing the usual boring job. I love having time off to do my own thing but I always feel crap the day I start back, achh well suppose you can’t have a job you get paid for and enjoy. Who knows one of these days I might find one.

I found a link over the weekend (an old link) that made me smile yesterday. A flash presentation about the work F***, you can have a look for yourself here.