Passed my Cisco CCNA exam

I passed my Cisco CCNA exam on Friday 13th (scary time to take an exam). I should have known not to choose that day since they couldn’t print out my pass sheet. I know I’ve passed because it told me on the monitor and I’ve got the e-mail from Cisco saying so. What I don’t know is by how much I’ve passed by since when they try to print out my test sheet it continually crashed their PC. Computer ehhh, can’t live with them can’t put them in the bucket ;-).

Holiday in Kefalonia (16th June 2003)

Here are some of the photographs I took while I was on holiday at the resort of Lassi on the beautiful island of Kefalonia, just off the coast of Greece. If your looking for a nice relaxing holiday in lovely surrounding then this is worth looking at.

The photographs of the turtle and the squid (I think it’s a squid, if you happen to know otherwise then let me know) are my favorites, it’s just a shame I wasn’t quite quick enough to photograph the turtle when it was surfacing.

The last 2 rows on page 1 and all of page 2 were taken while we were on a boat trip to the island of Ithica (If you reconise the name of the Island then you’ve probably hear the story of Ulysses). It was a really georgous looking island and I would have loved to see more of it.

Here are some photographs below

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Apache protecting directorys

Its very quiet here at my work just now, so I thought that I would do some constructive learning. Well learning for myself at least. Here’s a link that teaches you how to password protect directorys on a webserver (Apache that is). I knew how to do this already but you know how it is if you’ve not done something for a long time.

You can find out how to do it by folling this link

Holidays (wheyhey)

I’m off to Kefalonia (Greece) next week for wee holiday. I’m really looking forward to it. A week of relaxation, sun and sand will really do me the world of good. Hopefully I’ll come back to blighty refreshed and with a more positive outlook. Shame the IT market is so stagnent at the moment job wise. I think I’m going to have to try harder to find something more interesting. Just as long as the money is about the same I’ll be happy enough.