Comptia Network +

Just started studying towards another IT certification, the Comptia Network + exam (CCNT Comptia Certified Network Technian). I should be ready to take this exam in late August since it’s just a continuation of my Cisco CCNA qualification. Thankfully a lot of the course material is similar, so it might help keep the information fresh in my mind. If your interested in that sort of thing most wont be 😉 since it’s not exactly exciting, you can find out more about it here.

This Saturday myself and a few friends are going to see my ex-flatmate and friend Abe Remmo play Brad in the Rocky Horror Picture show at the Filmhouse Edinburgh. It should be a good laff and at the interval you get free cocktails, so it should be drunken night also.

Charlies Angels II

Went to see the Charlies Angels this weekend with my girlfriend. MMmmm I’ve got to say that I quite enjoyed it. It’s one of the films that you just switch off and don’t have to think too hard about, if you don’t take it too serious you’ll probably enjoy it.

On another note, a friend of mine pointed this website out to me, It belongs to a parts company. Now ask yourself a question, would you buy a spare part from a company with a website like this? I hope they never paid someone to do it.