Edinburgh Festival and things

I love the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a lot of people who live in Edinburgh don’t because of the inconvenience (slower buses and busier pubs so you can’t get a seat) I think they are just winging gets :-). The whole of Edinburgh just becomes more alive with people of all types and the energy level of the town just goes through the roof.
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Microsoft and Viruses

I was just thinking today, that every IT technician should be gratefull that Microsoft write software thats so prone to breaking and/or virus infections. If it wasn’t for them then I think that most of us would be out of a job, well done Microsoft!. I just noticed another Virus outbreak on the news today, the Sobig.F virus, it’s got to be a bad one if it’s on the news and in the papers.

Friendsters and the Alternative

I’ve just been looking around the internet for blogs and blogging programs when I ran into one called Friendster which I thought was a tad cheesie until I seen the piss take of the site which is called STD-ster. I’ve got to say that I prefer the pisstake site *grin*, probably appeals to my sick sence of humour.

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Pirates of the Caribean

Went to see Pirates of the Caribean, The Curse of the Black Perl on Friday night. I quite enjoyed it after a week of boredom at work. It’s nice to just relax and get driven along with the plot. Johnny Depp was excellent as a pirate, kind of a mixture of Keith Richards and Peppi Le Pew (Cartoon Character), weird but it seemed to work.
On Saturday night I was out with friends, trying to find a seat in a pub in Edinburgh while the festival is on is a nightmare. Still, a good night was had by all.

Climbed Ben Lomond

Myself, Susan, Chris and Mark climbed Ben Lomond today. My legs are fine tonight (don’t know what they will be like tomorrow), no blisters or anything. I’m dead chuffed because that’s my first Monroe. I’m no longer a Monroe virgin, hell I’ve only got another 283 more to do, no bother ehh!!