Friendsters and the Alternative

I’ve just been looking around the internet for blogs and blogging programs when I ran into one called Friendster which I thought was a tad cheesie until I seen the piss take of the site which is called STD-ster. I’ve got to say that I prefer the pisstake site *grin*, probably appeals to my sick sence of humour.

Handy hint, if you happen to be running Windows XP and are connected to the internet via a cable modem or a DSL connection. I would consider patching your PC against the blaster worm now rather than later. You can find out more information from certs.

Just noticed an old posting about Lynn Htun aka Fluffy Bunni. I remember trying to get some themes downloaded from and not being able to because the site had been compromised. People like him need hit repeatedly with a large stick and told not to do it again.

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