Anti Microsoft Sites

For all you anti-microsoft people out there, thats usually most Mac users and all Linux users. Here’s a few sites that I found quite amusing. This one is called The Microsoft Boycott Campaign another is called Microsoft Internet Exploiter and finally Microsoft Crash Gallery.

Big thanks to Wednesdays Metro for pointing these websites out to me, well you’ve got to read something on the bus while your travelling to work don’t you.

One thought on “Anti Microsoft Sites

  1. Wall Street PSA – Microsoft Wants The User To Adapt – Again?

    Technology evolves but culture remains the same. Microsoft has again produced a technology that is anything but intuitive….can you use it? Maybe but why should we pay to put ourselves through this once again? Microsoft does not set out to create unusable tech but they simply cannot help it due to a genetic issue within the bone marrow of the company.

    PSA – Wall Street should understand this because any technology tied to Windows 8 is at risk…given the cloud was nature’s way to free people from the Microsoft Prison for the mind….Max

    Windows Prison Blues –

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