Techie Tip of the day.

Another week another dollar, It’s only Monday today and already I’m wishing it was Friday and the weekend. Geeze I need a holiday somewhere nice and warm. Got a couple of stag nights to look forward to soon though (excellent) the sooner the better.

Tech Tip
If you happen to be behind a firewall/ADSL Gateway using NAT and need to user remote desktop on XP or terminal Server under w2k then open up port 3389 tcp and forward it to your machine.

The wonders of rss aggregators

Found myself a nice little rss syndicated news reader called Sharpreader, it’s freeware, a word that always makes me happy :). You can read more about it or download it yourself from here.

What is RSS
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS allows news and data feeds to be published online in a universally accepted, XML-based format.

Almost Spring wheyhey!

You can tell it’s getting near Springtime when you get up in the morning and it’s daylight instead of darkness. What always cheers me up at this time of year is getting up to daylight and going home in daylight, I think we should all hybernate in the winter like bears (just a thought).

Found a handy site for making network bootdisks TCP/IP (although you need to have an old NT Server CD), you can find it here. I also noticed a link on Sourceforge about a free replacement for Microsofts RIS (Remote Installation Services), installing Microsoft Windows unattended here.