Another week in the life of a geezer

Just passed another IT Technical exam on Tuesday, one down 6 to go, still I’m getting there slowly but surely. I’m just imagining my certificate speeding it’s way from Redmond through the american postal system.

The weekend is here and I’m a happy bunny, time for some relaxation, a few games of pool with my mates and a couple of beers. Been listening to “The Street” “Original Pirate Material” on my Minidisk player while busing it to my work, hence the title of the blog :-).

Going to spend a little time next week updating my CV, I’ve kind of let it go a bit and it definately needs done. Might even put it online, which I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now.

The Russian opinion of George W Bush

It’s nice to see that the Russian newpaper Pravda has an opinion on the US President George W Bush that seems to reflect a lot of people opinions in the UK (Well at least mine anyway :)).

If I was an American I would be a tad concerned about what the rest of the world perceives about the Presidents motives. On the other side of the scales, here’s a blog about the troubles in Falluja that I think is worth reading.

Forgotten e-mail login and password for Windows 95/98

Fogotten your e-mail login and password for Windows 95/98? I had this problem with my sisters PC this afternoon. Fortunately I found a nice program that decrypts pwl files here

Not the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon but hey I got well fed and watered and it got me out of the house, something I don’t usually do on a Sunday. I’m on holday tomorrow as well (excellent).