Felix’s Website

Cheers for the links Felix, you’ve got to laff, bunnies playing your some of the classic horror films of all time in 30 seconds, classic. You can watch The Shining or The Exorcist both are quite good. Yes I am up at this time in the morning, don’t start work for a few more minutes though thankfully.

Comic Site (How bored was I today)

Found a nice comic site (thanks Symon) to keep me occupied during the tedium that is student summer holidays. You can have a look for yourself here. At some point this year I’m going to totally redesign this site in time for next year, New Year, New Site and all that.

BBC Comedy – PC Wallpaper (backgrounds)

I noticed while I was looking about the BBC website that they seem to have some rather nice PC Wallpaper (backgrounds) from some really old and quite good comody shows like “The Goodies”, “Ab Fab” and other. You can have a look for yourself by clicking here. Well worth a browse if you a tad bored.