Fell of the Net tonight (bloody annoying)

Denial of Services or DOS for sort, basically means someone sending packets to you that you router/computer tries to respond to but can’t, and just waits until the connection times out, eventually your computer/router uses so much of it’s resources trying to respond to these spurious packets, that it can’t respond to legitimate packets and drops off the internet. See shortented TCP-Dump below, couldn’t put it all on since it lasted for 20 minute (not that interesting really 🙂
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Building a mini itx computer

I was hoping to build a nice little mini itx machine for my home for study and wed design. A little advice for you, don’t got to mini-itx.com because they are really crap. I ordered my part from them. When I received them some of them were not working (motherboard and memory).

Sent them back and waited and waited and waited, still no replacement even though they had received the goods (postal tracking is a wonderfull thing). Tried e-mailing them, no reply. Tried e-mailing them on numerous occasions, still no reply. Tried to find a phone number on there website. Nothing, I eventually had to go to my credit card company to get the money back. My advice to you is, never use mini-itx.com they are just not reliable or particularly professional.