Tiscali are just crap!

Having put up with 3 months of terrible service when I first signed up with Tiscali last year, I thought that all my problems were over with Tiscali. Now I’m having to put up with download speeds of 52Kbps from a supposed 1 Meg Broadband service, I mean how shit is that!?

Anyway, I’ve phoned them up and just asked them to provide me with a MAC code (Migration Authentication Code) which they were good enough to provide quite quickly. Now, surprise surprise, I’m getting a decent broadband service, it’s just too little too late in my opinion. If your thinking of getting broadband then I would spend some time reading the bulletin boards of http://www.adslguide.uk.org before making up your mind.

If your using Internet Exploder 🙂 you can have a look at my appauling Tiscali speeds here, I’ve had to put up with this for a month now don’t see why I should pay for the privalige of shit service any more, roll on my ISP migration. Seems I’m not the only person who’s had Tiscali problems, have a wee look here for more information.

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