Design your own Linux System

Install Linux

The System Designer allows you to design a Linux system profile which can be downloaded onto a single network install image. When inserted into a target system, the boot image will automatically build the system per your design — all hands free, all via the network, no additional media required.

WordPress and displaying code snippets in blogs

I’m having real problems displaying code snippets in WordPress. I’ve done a search for a possible pluggin to solve the problem and I’ve come across a plugin called, surprising enough Code Snippet. I’m going to install it and see how good it is.

I’ve had to change the CSS thats supplied with the code snippet pluggin from:
[code lang=”css”]border: 1px solid #ccc;
background: #eee;
padding: 5px;margin:10px;[/code]


[code lang=”css”] font: 1.1em ‘Courier New’, Courier, Fixed;
border: 1px dotted #ddd;
margin: 15px 30px 0 10px;
padding: 5px;
background: #666666;
color: #ffcc66;
display: block; [/code]

As you can see it doesn’t look too bad, I’ll continue to use it and with luck won’t find any problems with it. Going to have to change all the rest of the blogs that have code in them to match this one. Just about to go through the rest of the code blogs and change the format a little.
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Creating a browser icon for IE and Firefox

Instructions on how to create a browser icon for your website like the scottish flag below, I didn’t do this one personally, Mark was kind enough to donate it to me. Big thanks!

Browser Icon

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Going to start another MCP next week

I’m about to start another Microsoft MCP this week, just as soon as I have time to build a server at home, I’ve already got the domain pointing at my home network such that it is (only 2 PC’s). The server will be running either Windows 2000 or 2003, I’m quite looking forward to the challenge.

Exchange Server 2003 exam 70-284 is the exam, hopefully I’ll get through it pretty quickly, it all depends on how busy I’ll be at work and how much of a lunch break I take.


Looking for a Gallery addon or plugin for WordPress

I’m currently looking for a photo gallery program for wordpress. I’m going to list them and test then as I go, remembering of course to backup everything before I install everything. First one on the list is:

  1. Plogger
  2. Gallery 1.5.2
  3. Gallery 2.0 (newer version of the above)
  4. QDig
  5. Simple PHP gallery
  6. Lazyest Gallery

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