Trying the Phoenixrealm 0.2 wordpress Theme

I’m currently looking for a nice themes to apply to this website, not that I don’t like the current default one. But I suspect that there are a few thousand blogs out there that are the have the default WordPress Theme.

At some point in the future I intend to write or adapt a theme to suite this site, having read a bit about these things on a few website, it seems that a lot of people online don’t like default themes.

I’ve eventually chosen this theme called Phoenixrealm 0.2 which I can live with, I think I’ll have to change it a bit to suite this site but overall it’s nice a clean. I have a slight problem with the photo link which I’m working on at the moment.

Solved the conflict between the Phoenixrealm theme and Lazyest Gallery 0.8.2 wordpress plugin by adding the following to lazyest-index.php file.

[code lang=”html”] // Gallery Page
$lg_width = get_option(‘lg_gallery_width’);
// Add a [/div] after the comments to ensure that
// the theme body displayed ok
// remember to change the [] to <>
// Billy Dickson 14/02/06

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