Creating a browser icon for IE and Firefox

Instructions on how to create a browser icon for your website like the scottish flag below, I didn’t do this one personally, Mark was kind enough to donate it to me. Big thanks!

Browser Icon

  1. Created a 32×32 image or resize an image you already have, save it in 4-bit BMP (Bitmap) format.
  2. Run a little freeware program to convert the 4-bit BMP to an ICO (.ico) file.
  3. The following zip (19KB) contains complete instructions (don’t worry, it’s pretty easy), and the required DOS bmp2ico freeware application.
  4. Download the zip, unzip to a folder, then view the readme.txt file.

Assuming that you have read the readme.txt file and followed the instruction, you have now created an icon file. rename the file to favicon.ico ensuring that it has the ico extension.

  1. Ftp your icon file to the root of your website.
  2. Add the following to your index.html (Template file if you are using Dreamweaver, header.php is you are adding it to your wordpress installation), between the the start and finish HTML head tags.

[code lang=”html”] [/code]

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