CentOS vs. City of Tuttle

I usually read slashdot.org when I have the time and occasionally I read the links from some of the stories. Now this one is really funny, I just can’t believe that someone with 10 years IT experience can be soo stupid. Anyway feel free to read about it yourself

Microsoft L33t Speek

I was searching the microsoft site for a fix today when I came accross this link which teaches children to speak like a l33t haxor, laff, yep just a bit. Definately not the sort of thing that you would expect on a microsoft webpage and thats for sure.

I also came across this link on the microsoft site that explains about netiquette for new people online and actually its quite good. Wish more people would read it before going online.

Guestbook and Usage Spammer

Having re-written my website, I decided to spend a little time checking on who’s previously been trying to spam my Usage Pages as referrers and post spurious links on my Guestbook, yep you guessed it, and ban there IP.

[code lang=”bash”][Mon Mar 6 03:56:24 2006] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/dicksonm/public_html/guestbook/comment.php[/code]

The main culprits seem to be:

If I keep getting the first 3 in the list with different IP’s I think I’ll have to play about with my .htaccess file and just ban the IP block I’ll keep this open and try and work out what the hostmask should be before banning them. Damn pests 😐

Bit Torrent

I noticed this intersting article about BitTorrent today one the BBC’s website, it’s quite intersting and informative, for all the folk that occasionally download files using BitTorrent. It  discusses ISP’s traffic shaping and copyrighted material.

I thought I would have a look at it myself so I’ve downloaded BitTorent and the java BitTorent plugin azureus to see what all the fuss was about.