Testing Services with Telnet

Testing SMTP

The first service I’ll discuss is SMTP. It can be extremely useful to test a mail server directly, rather than trying to send mail and decipher errors in bounce messages — particularly when mail seems to be disappearing without any bounce!

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This site is now WAP Enabled

I didn’t realise quite how easy that would be. I’ve just added WAP to my wordpress blog.

  1. Download the wap plugin from http://dev.wp-plugins.org/wiki/wp-wap then unzip the files wp-wap.php
    wp-wap-comments.php to the root of your website,  point your WAP brower to [Your URL]/wp-wap.php. If you don’t have a WAP browser then try this online WAP browser.
  2. Create a subdomain called http://wap.dickson.me.uk
  3. Set up an Apache redirect for http://wap.dickson.me.uk to http://www.dickson.me.uk/wp-wap.php

Of course, if your doing this yourself, then you would use your own blog URL and not mine 🙂

Doctor Who (Tom Baker)

Noticed this link on The Scotsmans website with the following article and I had to go and have a little look. Its pretty damn funny as long as your not easily offended (I’m not), definately brightened up an otherwise boring afternoon.

Has Dr Who started ringing you up in the middle of the night? He has me too. This site is an ever growing audio extravaganza of what he has been saying to us all. BT has introduced talking text to and from home phones and for the first three months, they’ll be spoken by Tom Baker. You can send a text from a mobile to a landline in the normal way – just enter the landline number as the destination instead.

Moved rooms at work

Having been moved to a nice big room a few months ago with a lovely view, last week we were all moved back to our old small room. Bahhhh humbug!! 😉 Thought I would put some photos of the view from the old room online to remind me of it. Photographs taken with my Sony Ericsson K750i mobile phone

Old Office Old Office Old Office

Installing Exchange 2003 on a single node cluster

I’m currently working on my next MCP which is titled “Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange 2003” Exam 70-284 and was having a bit of a problem Installing Exchange 2003 on a single node cluster. I’ve set the cluster up fine, but but every time I try to start the “Distributed Transaction Coordinator” I get the following error message in the Application Log. Seemingly there is a problem with Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 installed and a stand alone cluster, you can read all about the fix here

error message.JPG


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