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I was thinking about registering a us domain name and was playing about with the Unix whois command to see if there was any funny domains free that I could use for things like eggdrops and irc from home. Anyway most of the amusing ones were taken like and etc.. I was curious about the domain and decided to have a look at the site

I’ve got to say, I definately agree with the sentiment of the website, it’s amazing what you stumble over while your just surfing or looking for something.

Exchange email spam and virus filters

I’m currently looking at Microsoft Exchange e-mail spam and virus filters as part of my study. So I thought I would list them here so that I can look at them in more detail when I’ve got the time. Feel free to check them yourself and let me know what you think about them.

How to install SpamAssasin on Windows

A list of other Commercial Windows Spam and Anti-Virus Programs.

Linux hardware solution
Another hardware solution by Barracuda Networks
A hardware solution by Asaro International Security

Microsoft Exchange Intelligent Message Filters
Microsoft Exchange Server Intelligent Message Filter provides server-side message filtering, heuristics-based message analysis, and support for per-message spam confidence level ratings. Find out how you can reduce spam while improving productivity and trimming costs by exploring the resources listed on this page.
Note: The Exchange Intelligent Message Filter Update v1 download has been removed. A new version of this tool (Exchange Intelligent Message Filter Update v2) is available as part of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2.

Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security Suite [] It runs on windows, and seemingly it has a really good hit rate for SPAM not tried it myself.

Another suggestion was:

You already have more than one computer on your network, so ignore exchange entirely and have another machine accepting mail for it and forwarding it on to exchange after filtering. Exchange will accept conventional email as well as it’s own odd methods.

Spamassassin is very good and can be found as part of very good cross platform packages like MailScanner. A low end machine can do a lot of filtering – and if it does get hammered the users won’t notice because exchange on the other machine will still be accepting mail at full speed and passing it on when it can.

All the alternatives to a different machine are exchange add ons which will impact on the performace of the machine to some extent simply because of what it has to do. When you get a lot of spam this will most likely result in users looking at their email client window for annoyingly long periods of time as it contacts the server for deleivery. This will result in time wasting service calls – so you could go for big hardware and good settings or shift the problem to another system where latency is not so important.

A nice 14 Mile run in Edinburgh

I’m currently in training for the Edinburgh Marathon I’m on week 5 and counting down. Quite looking forward to it now, although the long runs are better now since the scottish weather is improving. This is my second marathon having done the Berlin Marathon last year, of which I really enjoyed (nice and flat). As far as training goes, I’m following a book called “the Competitive runners handbook” by “Bob Glover and Shelly-lynn Florence Glover.

I would class myself as a basic competitor so I’m following the training regime on page 249 of the book and what I’ve found while doing the long runs in Edinburgh, is that it’s really quite difficult to work out the milege using a map and something thats really not needed these days.

What I do is use The AA’s website and pick a location that I know is roughly half the distance I need to run. Using my home as a start point (my postcode anyway), In my case this week I need to run 14 miles for my long run, so I know that Musselburgh is about 7 miles I put my postcode in the from: part of the route planner, then the town Musselburgh in the to: field tick the box that asks Would you like a map of your route? and it works out all the hard bits for me (see below) it even draws a map for you. Yep I know it’s lazy but hey if it saves time then its a good idea in my book.

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The BUPA Great Edinburgh Run

Just finished my first race of the year, The BUPA GREAT EDINBURGH RUN and managed to get a personal best, well 5 minutes faster than last year which I’m well chuffed with. You can find out other peoples time here. My time is below the photos.

BUPA Great Edinburgh Run Medel BUPA Great Edinburgh Run Medel

Forename(s) Surname Race Number Time Position
William Dickson 887 00:44:16 489

A big well done to Jan and Chris:

Forename(s) Surname Race Number Time Position
Jan Dawson 6326 00:50:39 1753
Chris Dawson 221 00:41:21 234

Howto – Installing Clean Archive for WordPress

I’ve just Installed the Clean Archive Pluging for wordpress and all went well. Now I’ve got my archives off the front page and onto a seperate page in nicely listed and well ordered way. I thought I would share the steps with anyone trying it themselves.

1) Download the runPHP Plugin for WordPress from here
2) Unzip and install into your plugin directory, usually /wp-contents/plugins
3) Download the Clean Archive Pluging from here
4) Unzip and install into your plugin directory, usually /wp-contents/plugins

Download and install plugins

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