Howto – Installing Clean Archive for WordPress

I’ve just Installed the Clean Archive Pluging for wordpress and all went well. Now I’ve got my archives off the front page and onto a seperate page in nicely listed and well ordered way. I thought I would share the steps with anyone trying it themselves.

1) Download the runPHP Plugin for WordPress from here
2) Unzip and install into your plugin directory, usually /wp-contents/plugins
3) Download the Clean Archive Pluging from here
4) Unzip and install into your plugin directory, usually /wp-contents/plugins

Download and install plugins

5) Active the runPHP and SRG Clean Archives as seen in the following screenshot.

Screenshot of my WordPress Plugins Page

6) Check Options–>Runphp and ensure that the proper Roles are selected to run Runphp on pages, In my case, it’s a personal blog with no one else contributes or editing as such so I select Administrator.

Runphp options page for wordpress

7) Handy Hint “In Options > Writing ” Turn off “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”
8) Create a page called Archive with the following code < ?php srg_clean_archives(); ?>, tick the run PHP code tickbox.

Archives Page

Voila. Done.
You should now have a nice ordered atchive page, similar to the screenshot below.

A screenshot of my WordPress archive page

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  3. For #7 add:

    Switch to the code tab and add the code tags around before publishing.

    That’s how I got it to work XD

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