A nice 14 Mile run in Edinburgh

I’m currently in training for the Edinburgh Marathon I’m on week 5 and counting down. Quite looking forward to it now, although the long runs are better now since the scottish weather is improving. This is my second marathon having done the Berlin Marathon last year, of which I really enjoyed (nice and flat). As far as training goes, I’m following a book called “the Competitive runners handbook” by “Bob Glover and Shelly-lynn Florence Glover.

I would class myself as a basic competitor so I’m following the training regime on page 249 of the book and what I’ve found while doing the long runs in Edinburgh, is that it’s really quite difficult to work out the milege using a map and something thats really not needed these days.

What I do is use The AA’s website and pick a location that I know is roughly half the distance I need to run. Using my home as a start point (my postcode anyway), In my case this week I need to run 14 miles for my long run, so I know that Musselburgh is about 7 miles I put my postcode in the from: part of the route planner, then the town Musselburgh in the to: field tick the box that asks Would you like a map of your route? and it works out all the hard bits for me (see below) it even draws a map for you. Yep I know it’s lazy but hey if it saves time then its a good idea in my book.

0.00 Start out at EH6 4AF,Leith A902 0.00
0.05 At traffic signals turn left onto North Junction Street – A901 A901 0.05
0.20 At entrance to Ocean Terminal turn right at traffic signals onto Commercial Street – A199 (signposted Berwick upon Tweed) A199 0.25
1.37 Seafield Crematorium A199 1.63
0.51 Bear right onto Seafield Road – A199. Entering Edinburgh A199 2.13
0.88 Bear right onto Seafield Road East – A199. Entering Craigentinny A199 3.01
0.01 Junction with A1140/B6415 A199 3.02
0.01 At roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Sir Harry Lauder Road – A199 (signposted Berwick upon Tweed) Entering Edinburgh A199 3.03
1.39 Bear left onto Sir Harry Lauder Road – A199. Entering Portobello A199 4.42
0.02 Junction with A1 A199 4.43
0.02 At roundabout take the 1st exit onto Milton Road – A199 (signposted Musselburgh) Entering Edinburgh A199 4.45
0.90 At traffic signals turn right onto Musselburgh Road – A199 A199 5.35
0.07 Continue forward onto Edinburgh Road – A199. Entering Musselburgh A199 5.42
0.84 Brunton Theatre (Musselburgh) A199 6.26
0.19 Cross River Esk and at traffic signals bear left then immediately turn right onto Dalrymple Loan – A6124 (signposted Inveresk) A6124 6.44
0.20 Bear left onto Inveresk Road – A6124 A6124 6.65
0.08 Arrive at Musselburgh,Midlothian A6124 6.73
Section time 0:17, Total time 0:17

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