The Edinburgh Marathon 2006

Well, I managed to finish the Edinburgh Marathon this year, my second marathon ever with a personal best. To say I’m chuffed would be an understatement, I’ve very very chuffed indeed :-). The weather on the day was about 22c not ideal for running, but that didn’t matter so much when it’s a gloriously sunny day and your getting encouragement by the locals along the way.

I ran first 10 miles or so with my mate Chris, who’s ran a few marathons before and is a bit more knowledgeable than me about important thing like starting pace (thankfully!). I’m going to have to get one of those fancy watches that tell you your average speed, if I’m going to run another marathon I recon (Ok I like gadgets!)

The Edinburgh Marathon Medal 2006 (Back) The Edinburgh Marathon Medal 2006

My time was:

619 William Dickson (1988) 03:37:05 Male

Well done Chris, a good time for someone who was carrying an injury and couldn’t train the last 2 weeks before the marathon.

478 Chris Dawson (342) 03:30:53 Male

I took a few photographs of the Edinburgh 2006 Marthon, you can see them below:

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PMetric Plugin

I’ve just installed the pmetric pluggin for WordPress, this pluging allows you to check website stats such as unique visitors, country of the the visitors, and what pages they found interesting. It seems like quite a nice addon to my blog and is really handy for nosey people like myself 🙂

Well after testing this plugin on my webites for a month or so, I’m not particularly impressed. I keep the error message below, I’ve had this error message continually over the last few days and the only thing that seems to correct it is to log in and retype my password. I’ve even updated the software to a newer version 0.3.2 and I’m still having this problem. I probably shouldn’t grumble because I’ve not paid for the software and it kind of works after a fashon. It’s a shame because it’s such a good idea!

Performancing Metrics
“Invalid Metrics account. Check your username and password in the options.”

I think I’ll just disable it in the meantime and with any luck, the problem might get fixed in the next version.

Howto – Install the IM Online for WordPress

I just noticed that there is a new version of the very good Im Online plugin for WordPress, since I’m not too busy at this point in time I think I’ll upgrade and see how it look. More information about the new version below:

  • v2.8 – June 3rd 2006 (Latest)
    • Support for multiple user accounts per network
    • Icon Packs simplified – now just drop pack into plugin folder
    • Extra servers added for reliability

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How to Troubleshoot Inter-Forest Password Migration with ADMTv2

I was having a bit of trouble migrating users from one forest to another using ADMT2. I kept getting the error message “unable to establish a session with the password session server”, after rebooting the server, still no joy. Then I went searching the Microsoft site for a little while I managed to find the answer here.