Howto – Install the IM Online for WordPress

I just noticed that there is a new version of the very good Im Online plugin for WordPress, since I’m not too busy at this point in time I think I’ll upgrade and see how it look. More information about the new version below:

  • v2.8 – June 3rd 2006 (Latest)
    • Support for multiple user accounts per network
    • Icon Packs simplified – now just drop pack into plugin folder
    • Extra servers added for reliability

Installation was easy I just:

HINT: My webpages are stored in a directory called public_html in my home directory, yours may not. So you may have to change the part that says ~/public_html to reflect that.

1) I just deactivated the plugin from the WordPress Plugin control panel.
2) Secure shelled into my account and deleted the im-online directory.

Careful! with this command, you could quite easily deleted the whole plugin directory!
[code lang=”bash”]rm -rif ~/publc_html/wp-content/plugins/im-online/[/code]
3) Unzipped the updated plugin.
[code lang=”bash”]unzip[/code]
4) Moved the im online plugin to the plugins directory.
[code lang=”bash”]mv im-online ~/public_html/wp-content/plugins/[/code]

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