T on the Fringe (My Chemical Romance & Muse)

Myself and a few mates went to see My Chemical Romance and Muse play T on the Fringe yesterday, got to say they were excellent and I really enjoyed it. Got a new toy yesterday (The new Sony Ericsson K800i) so I took some photo’s of Muse and My Chemical Romance on my phone. Pretty good quality considering its a phone and not a camera.

I’m really going to have to spend more time going to see bands, that must be the first one I’ve seen this year. Note to self “Must try harder!” 😉

Photographs of the night are blow:

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The Pirtreavie AAC 10K race

Myself Chris and Mark just finished the Pirtreavie 10K road race and had a damn good time doing it! we starting out from North Queensferry over the the forth road bridge and back again. We had a really nice view over bridge to the forth below, just as well I don’t suffer from vertigo 🙂

The race itself was really well organised and I loved every minutes of it, here a photo of the medal, start and finishing photos of myself Chris and Mark to follow at some point.

Pitreavie 10K finishers medal

All 3 of us managed to get PB’s (Personal bests), so as you can imagine I’m well chuffed! Big thanks to the guy behind me for making it a race to the finish, a Mr Willie Rennie from the Carnegie Harriers damn good final 300 Meters 🙂

Name Time Position
Chris Dawson 40:22 44
Billy Dickson (me) 41:39 64
Mark Dawson 53:52 232

The Giraffes at the top of my street

If you happen to live near the Omni Centre at the top of leath walk, Edinburgh, then you might have noticed this little piece of art. Got to say I really quite like it, adds something to an otherwise bland glass building. It’s nice to see a statue of a mother and baby giraffe.
A metal statue of a mother and baby giraffe