My phone died on me today

Its amazing how we get attached to things and only miss them when they are no longer there. For instance, I was out last night and my phone decided to stop working, out of the blue it was saying “no network found” and I just couldn’t use it. So off I trundled off to my local O2 shop and told the helpful guy behind the desk. He tested the sim card which was ok, he then tested the phone, same message.

I’ve only had my phone for 31 days which is 3 days too long so they couldn’t replace it there and then, they had to send it away for repair! bummer. Now if feel like I’m missing something and will probably feel that way until I get my phone back. I’m going to do a little research and see if thats a common problem with the Sony Ericcson K800i, I wonder if other people have had that message “No Network Found”, probably just me though 🙂 

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