AHhhhh IE 7 and XP (How-to disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 7)

I just installed Internet Explorer 7 on my Acer Aspire Laptop 1670, rebooted, now I’m getting the error message “The file or directory c:\$Secure is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility.” the problem kept getting worse and worse and I was seriously thinking re-installing from an ghost image of I took of the laptop a few months ago.

Then I though, unistall Internet Explorer 7 and voila, no more error message and my laptop is now working fine. I thought that IE 7 was supposed to be out of Beta now pfffff, I think I’ll wait a few months until they get round to ironing out the bugs before I’ll install IE 7 again! and the lesson I learn’t today was, if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Googled the problem and found a few links associated with this problem.

How to Disabling automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 7

I’ve heard are going to download Internet Explorer 7 as an automatic update, since this is definately going to break my laptop. I’ve decided to disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 7, thankfully Microsoft in there wisdom, have produced a tool that allows you to do this, you can download it here. All you have to do is download it and run the program, extract the files to an appropriate directory then run the program with the appropriate switches. This is what I did with my laptop, you can follow my instruction but I take no responsibility if you make a mess of it.

See screen shots and instructions :

1) Download the program from the link above
2) Double click on the program and type c:\temp


3) If there is not a directory called c:\temp on your computer, you will be prompted to create one.


4) Click on the “Start” button and select “Run”, type cmd and click the OK button.


5) Type: cd \temp
6) Type: hostname
Your hostname will be displayed on the line below, my hostname is laptop, yours however, will probably be different 🙂
7) Type: IE70Blocker.cmd {your hostname} /B


8) Type: exit
This will close the cmd box.
Remember to go back and delete the c:\temp directory, may as well keep everything nice and tidy ehh!

Switches used by the script are mutually exclusive and only the first valid switch from a given command is acted on. The Script can be run multiple times on the same machine without problem.

  • /B – Blocks distribution
  • /U – Unblocks distribution
  • /H or /? – Displays the following summary help:

                 This tool can be used to remotely block or unblock the delivery of
                 Internet Explorer 7 via Automatic Updates.
                 IE70Blocker.cmd [] [/B][/U][/H]
                 B = Block Internet Explorer 7 deployment
                 U = Allow Internet Explorer 7 deployment
                 H = Help 
                 IE70Blocker.cmd mymachine /B (blocks delivery on machine “mymachine”)

                 IE70Blocker.cmd /U (unblocks delivery on the local machine)

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