My Ubuntu desktop

As you can probably tell, I’m really quite bored today, here’s a quick screenshot of my currenty home Linux Ubuntu desktop. I really need to start something interesting soon otherwise I’m going to go stir crazy. I think I’ll do some study next week, don’t know what yet, but It’s probably going to be work (computer) related.

My home PC Linux Desktop

Azureus keeps crashing on Ubuntu Feisty and how to fix

If you want to use the newest Java applications, you need to get Java 6. If you have Java 5 installed and running Azureus from fesity repos be warned that it doesn’t play nice with Java 6. But the reason I moved to Java 6 is to install newest version on Azureus, the one in the repos keeps crashing (bug report on azureus website) and I want it too be stable and usable which it isn’t currently.

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How to – Rip a CD to an ISO file in Linux

Ripping copying and burning normal CD’s or ISOsRipping means copying the contents of a CD to another filesystem. This can be done easy with standard Linux command-line tools or using a frontend like k3b or xcdroast.

Rip data-cds

To rip an entire normal data-cd (ISO filesystem) from a CD-ROM:
[code lang=”bash”]dd if=/dev/cdrom of=my_cd_image.iso[/code]

dd manual page

The syntax for me to rip a CD to an ISO file would be:
[code lang=”bash”]
billy@billy-desktop:~$ dd if=/dev/cdrom of=WXPVOL_EN.iso
1198620+0 records in
1198620+0 records out
613693440 bytes (614 MB) copied, 166.1 seconds, 3.7 MB/s

Mounting ISO Images
.iso images be mounted as if they were burned to a CD. This is a quick and good way to test your .iso images or extract files from them without actually burning it – the mounted image folder will act like a CD with the syntax:
[code lang=”bash”]mount -t iso9660 -oloop [isofile] [mountpoint][/code]
[code lang=”bash”]mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop /path/cd_image.iso /mountpoint/cdrom[/code]
You can specify the loop device you want, that it is not needed. (loop=/dev/loop0).

I’m using Ubuntu Feisty myself, so if I wanted to mount the ISO I created previously I would use the command
[code lang=”bash”]
billy@billy-desktop:~$ sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop WXPVOL_en.iso /media/cdrom

This only works if you have CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP=m or y in your kernel configuration.

mount manual page

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How to – Install FreeNX on Ubuntu Feisty

I’ve just installed FreeNX on my home Linux box and it was quite straightforward. Here’s what I did.

1) Start up a teminal and type:

[code lang=”bash”]
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following to the source.list text file:

[code lang=”bash”]

#freenx packages
deb feisty-seveas freenx
deb-src feisty-seveas freenx


Then goto this site and follow the rest of the instructions from the part that says “Add the GPG key:”

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Compiz and desktop themes

I’ve just installed GKrellM on my new home Linux box and its looking really nice now. I’m now looking to change the tool bars at the top and bottom to something a bit darker.

My home Linux Desktop My home Linux Desktop

I downloaded some themes for GKrellM from this site, some of them are really quite good. The wallpaper and compiz theme was supplied from the Gnome – site.