Building a Home Linux Server

I’ve finally bit the bullet and bought the parts to build a new home PC, I’ve also decided to teach myself a bit more about Linux while I’m at it, so thats going to be the main OS on that machine. I have however installed XP on it first, then taken a ghost image of the hard disk just in case things don’t work out 🙂

PC Hardware:

I currently live in a flat, so I’ve decided to go for a small form factor PC, this would suit me better than a big generic white box (It also looks a lot nicer), it means that I can hide it in a corner somewhere out of the way and it won’t get in the wife’s or my way.

Case: Morex Venus 668B – Black
Motherboard: Commel Mini-ITX express LV677
Processor Intel Core Duo Processor T2400 1.83Ghz 667 Mhz FSB 2MB L2 Cache
Memory: Crucial CT2KIT 2x1gb pc2-4200 NonECC CL4
Hard Disk: Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 500GB S300
DVD Rom: Samsung SH-S182

Some photos of the build and finished article:

Installing Ubuntu Linux:

I’ve just downloaded Ubuntu Linux ISO image, burnt the ISO to a blank CD and installed, everything went really smoothly (So far). I’m currently playing with it and reading the Ubuntu Desktop Guide to familiarise myself with this distributions of Linux. Next on the list, how to change the resolution from 800×600 to something a bit higher.

2 thoughts on “Building a Home Linux Server

  1. How much noise does the case generate? I am looking for a very quiet solution. Logic Supply has Intel motherboards with no fan – D201GLY2 with Celeron 1.2 GHz. So the hard disk and the case fans would be the only sound generators in this system. So how loud are the fans? I have external hard disk enclosures without fans, so I already know how loud the hard disk(s) will be.


  2. The fans (2 small ones below the PSU) on the “Morex Venus” case are quite small and run fast, so they are louder than expected when they come on, The PSU fan however is resonably quiet. I’m actually thinking of testing it soon and see if I can just run it with the power supply fan (probably make it a lot quieter). It’s currently too loud for my living room and lives in my spare room.

    It’s still a lot quieter than my normal desktop PC mind, You probably won’t have a problem since I suspect that your motherboard runs cooler than mine, Let me know how you get on. 🙂

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