The Edinburgh Marathon 2007

I’ve ran the Edinburgh Marathon 3 weeks ago on Sunday 27th May, got to say I really enjoyed it in a preverse sort of way. The weather on the day was bloody awfull, windy and rainy the sort of weather that you can only get in Scotland (4 seasons in one day), the route itself I’ve ran partially a few times during my training runs, so I wasn’t expecting a great time. Neverthless I still manged to get a PB (Personal Best) so overall I’m well chuffed. You can check out other peoples times here, mine and young Chris’s are below, I do seem to be catching up to Chris’s times slowly but surely 😉

Position Name and (Number) Times Category
536 William Dickson (1332) 03:28:41 Male
297 Chris Dawson (388) 03:17:47 Male

Below are a couple of photos of me at the end, and a couple of my finishers medal:

Billy Dickson dsc00414.JPG

2007 - Edinburgh Marthon Finishers Medal 2007 - Edinburgh Marthon Finishers Medal

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