The Pitreavie AAC Forth Bridge 10K

Just finished “The Pitreavie AAC Forth Bridge 10K“, this is the second time I’ve competed in this race, it was hard work but well worth the effort. Going by my running watch I did it in approximately 42 minute, I’ll know more when the results come out this week. Heres few photos below:

The boys getting ready for the off, 10:30 on a Sunday morning. Thats me in the distance, running over the Forth road bridge. Marky boy running over the Forth Road Bridge. Front of the Medal, Pitreavie AAC, Forth Bridge 10K

Home made number, damn that postal strike! Nice goodie bag! Back of the Medal, Pitreavie AAC, Forth Bridge 10K

Positions Name and (Number) Time
45 Chris Dawson (79) 41.16
48 Billy Dickson (78) (Me!) 41.54
207 Mark Dawson (16) 53.5

We did quite well considering there were 307 runners on the day, quite a few of them in clubs (apart from us unattached fellows).

The full provisional results can be downloaded from this page. More race info:

Courtesy of SportTracks software.

Street Map
Street Map of race

Birds Eye view
Birds eye view (Thanks to Google maps and SportsTrack)

Elevation over Time (not sure how accurate this is)
Elevation over time

One thought on “The Pitreavie AAC Forth Bridge 10K

  1. Hey Billy. I should have had a bath last night, not a shower. My legs were well stiff this morning. I look a bit knackered in that picture you’ve got there…… a true likeness then!
    I really like how you’ve got the pictures coming up big like that. How did you do that?

    I’ll see you on Saturday but will not be able to get a baby sitter to cover club hours, so will head back after a few beers.


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