The Prestonpans Half Marathon

Myself and my mate Mark ran the Prestonpans half marathon today, the weather held and it was quite enjoyable. The hard part was finding our way to the start line 🙂 we had to stop a few times in Prestonpans to ask people where the run was starting from, when we eventually got near, it wasn’t particularly well signed.

Apart from that, the run was very well organised and I really enjoyed it, definately one to put in the calendar next year. I don’t know my clock time, but going by my trusty Garmin I did it in about 1 hour 35 minutes. Not too shabby considering I was out the night before for a birthday meal and a few beers.

This is probably my last run of the year, I think I’ll be joining a gym when I get back from the states. Planning to do a few more runs next year though.

Photos below:

The start of the Presonpans 2007 Half Marathon The start of the Presonpans 2007 Half Marathon The Runners of the 2007 Presonpans Marathon

Me finishing after a wee morning run Marky boy finishing and me clapping

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