The Paris Marathon 2008

I was out last weekend (Saturday) with friends supporting Scotlands efforts in the Euro 2008 qualifiers. And we were discussing what we were going to do next year (running wise), I’ve got a couple of mates who share my running hobby, well the upshot was that I should do another marathon in Europe and it just so happens that my mate Mark has already put his name down for the Paris Marathon.

Woke up on Suday 18th November with a bit of a hangover, had some breakfast and went online to have a look at the Paris Marathon website. Fished out a bit of paper and started to work out when I would have to start the training 10th of December seemingly, sat down and had a think about it with another cup of coffee, after about 10 minutes I decided it would be worth doing.

Updated 3/12/07 : Just sat down and wrote out my training schedule, thought I would just use the one that I used last year for the Edinburgh Marathon, feel free to peruse it here.

Here’s a couple of photos of Walkabout in the Omni centre Edinburgh during the Scotland Italy match Saturday 17th November.

The Walkabout Pub - Omni Centre - Edinburgh  The Walkabout Pub - Omni Centre - Edinburgh  Marky Boy

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