Run along the coast

The weather today was ok considering this week the average temperature in Edinburgh has been about -1 C for the week, ok when I say nice, it wasn’t raining and it was just over 2 C. I only stopped once to give directions to a group of football (soccer) fans in a car trying to find Gorgie Road (the Hibs ground), I recon they must have been Rangers fans going by the bottles of fortified wine (buckie) they were drinking 😉

At the moment I’m working within my aerobic threshhold 124-144 bpm and packing the miles in. After tomorrow I should be at the 35 miles mark, ran mostly outside this week, apart from Thursday in the gym. All going well, feeling fit and healthy.

Map of run 27-12-2007.png

15 miles, 2:09:56 , 8:32 pace, HR 138

Tagging MP3s

Big thanks to wired for this article about mp3 tagging software, almost finished tagging mine now. I’ve also found the wonders of using kid3, in my opinion one of the better pieces free mp3 tagging software for linux.

Google Analytics Plugin

I’ve just installed the Google Analytics Plugin which allows you to track visits to your website for free, with the proviso that you have to create an account first of course. You can find out more about it at the google page here and sign up for free here.

Problem with the NoMachine remote client and Vista

I’ve been having some serious performance issues running the NoMachine remote client on my new vista laptop, having a bit of time tonight, I thought I would investigate further and on there website I found the solution.

Whats been happening is that when I connect to my linux box using NoMachine, the CPU usage goes from about 5% to 100% and stays there on both cores (I have an Asus duo core laptop), all the other applications I’m runing grind to a halt and the only solution seems to be to kill the nxwin.exe process, sometimes even that doesn’t work and I have to reboot.

The fix is  “Disable Directdraw for screen rendering” under advanced settings.

NoMachine Advanced Settings

Distance and calories burned this year

I had to delete some of the laps stored on my Garmin to give me more space, that’s fair enough because I’ve used it constantly since I got it originally in January and it’s been brilliant (apart from the slow satellite pickup) which is more of an annoyance that a problem 🙂

My Garmin Forerunner statistics 2007

This year I’ve:

  • Ran 1839 Miles
  • In 288:44 hours
  • And burn’ 255,122 Calories

During the year I’ve also went through 3 bodyglide sticks, currently on number 4. A piece of equipment I certainly wouldn’t do without.

Ever seen someone finish a Marathon with joggers nipple (usually a number 11 blood trail down there running vest)? Not a pleasent sight.

Bodyglide stick