Distance and calories burned this year

I had to delete some of the laps stored on my Garmin to give me more space, that’s fair enough because I’ve used it constantly since I got it originally in January and it’s been brilliant (apart from the slow satellite pickup) which is more of an annoyance that a problem 🙂

My Garmin Forerunner statistics 2007

This year I’ve:

  • Ran 1839 Miles
  • In 288:44 hours
  • And burn’ 255,122 Calories

During the year I’ve also went through 3 bodyglide sticks, currently on number 4. A piece of equipment I certainly wouldn’t do without.

Ever seen someone finish a Marathon with joggers nipple (usually a number 11 blood trail down there running vest)? Not a pleasent sight.

Bodyglide stick

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