Problem with the NoMachine remote client and Vista

I’ve been having some serious performance issues running the NoMachine remote client on my new vista laptop, having a bit of time tonight, I thought I would investigate further and on there website I found the solution.

Whats been happening is that when I connect to my linux box using NoMachine, the CPU usage goes from about 5% to 100% and stays there on both cores (I have an Asus duo core laptop), all the other applications I’m runing grind to a halt and the only solution seems to be to kill the nxwin.exe process, sometimes even that doesn’t work and I have to reboot.

The fix is  “Disable Directdraw for screen rendering” under advanced settings.

NoMachine Advanced Settings

8 thoughts on “Problem with the NoMachine remote client and Vista

  1. What is it about Vista that makes you have to tweak every program so that it doesn’t hose your system? Thanks for providing the latest in a seemingly-endless stream of vital tips to make Vista usable…

  2. Thank you for this. I was actually seeing high cpu usage on XP which was making the fan run high in my Dell Latitude laptop (50% usage each processor core). Using this solution really helps.

  3. wow! i’m glad i kept googling this problem & found this solution. i also have an asus intel dual core laptop (F8SP-X1…great laptop, the vid card rules for a laptop) and nomachine was KILLING me when connecting to my Ubuntu server. now i’m connected on nomachine, and taskmgr shows that both cpus are idling between 1-5%. no more vista nomachine 100% cpu pounding. I LOVE IT! THANKS!!

  4. great.. Thank you so very much.. i even considered getting the new windows 7 when it releases just for this problem.. cannot thank you enough.. even Nomachine doesnt have the solution on their website

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