Run along the coast

The weather today was ok considering this week the average temperature in Edinburgh has been about -1 C for the week, ok when I say nice, it wasn’t raining and it was just over 2 C. I only stopped once to give directions to a group of football (soccer) fans in a car trying to find Gorgie Road (the Hibs ground), I recon they must have been Rangers fans going by the bottles of fortified wine (buckie) they were drinking 😉

At the moment I’m working within my aerobic threshhold 124-144 bpm and packing the miles in. After tomorrow I should be at the 35 miles mark, ran mostly outside this week, apart from Thursday in the gym. All going well, feeling fit and healthy.

Map of run 27-12-2007.png

15 miles, 2:09:56 , 8:32 pace, HR 138

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