Long run from Penicuik to Dalkeith

Myself and Mark my running buddie did a nice 18 mile run on Saturday, starting from Penicuik, down the old railway towards Dalkeith and back. It ended up being quite a nice run, a bit windy but not too bad at all. I had a bit of a stuffed nose on Saturday but didn’t really think about it too much, today I’ve seemed to have developed a bit of a cold (man flu). I think a nice early night tonight and see how things are tomorrow. No running tomorrow which should help get rid of this cold.

Map of route below:

Long Saturday Run

18.07 miles, 2:45:31, 9:10 pace, HR 135

One thought on “Long run from Penicuik to Dalkeith

  1. Hey Billy,
    My legs are well stiff after Saturday’s run! I’m looking at your map on line and a tourist map showing the extended route to Musselburgh and still can’t make out link from Dalkeith to Musselburgh! I’ll have to look at a better map. 9.10 pace for the run, I thought we were a little faster but may get better later in the training. Fancy a run to past West Linton on Saturday?


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