New Running Shoes (again)

I’ve reached the 550 miles mark with my current running shoes, So on Sunday 20th Jan this year I trundled down to my local running shop to see what they had on offer. After trying on about 6 pairs of shoes I eventually got it down to a pair of Brooks and a pair of Asics, after another 5 minutes on the shops treadmill I decided on the Asics. I’ve never paid that much for a pair of running shoes so they had better be good!! time and distance will tell.

Asics Gel Kayano 14

I tried them on the treadmill today for 6 miles and they were very comfortable, I’ll use my old shoes for the longs runs just now and keep the new ones for the short runs during the week, until I’ve done about 100 miles on them or I’ve reached 600 miles on my old shoes, whatever comes first. Then I’ll bin my old faithfull Mizuno Wave Nirvana 3

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