CCcold 20 mile training run

Today was quite an interesting run, started of in Penicuik, ran along the road to West Linton and back again. Then around Penicuik by running along Carlops Road, up towards A702, down Belwood Road and Mauricewood Road and along Edinburgh road, a grand total of 20 miles. Unfortunately Google maps seems to miss out the last part of the 20 miles for some reason, not sure why, hence the commentary.

I’ve not ran any distance on snow before so it was a learning experience, what I did notice was that because it was snow, I was wasting a lot of effort, my feet were continually slipping. From mile 6 to 8 the wind picked up and the snow was practically horizontal, making visibility almost impossible (should have worn snow goggles). The running pace wasn’t good but considering the conditions, I’m more than happy with it.


Snow wonderfull snow Photo of me in my cold weather running kit Photo of Marky in his cold weather running kit

20 mile training run in Penicuik

20.04 miles, 3:12:35, 9:37 pace, HR 129

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