The Paris Marathon 2008

Having trained faithfully for the last 4 months in all weather, the trip to Paris was filled with anticipation. We arrived on the Friday and proceeded directly to the Marathon Expo not realising how far from the Airport, the Expo was about 2 stops from Euro Disney. Collected our Bib numbers and spent a bit of time looking around the stalls, bought a nice looking Paris Marathon T-shirt and a few other bits and bobs.

On Saturday we did the tourist thing and went up the Eiffel Tower (right to the top), the weather was awful but it was well worth if for the fabulous view. Had some lunch on the Avenue de Champs-Elysees, pasta not surprisingly, did a bit of shopping then dinner, pasta again! got back to the hotel at about 9:00’ish got all our gear arranged for the morning and hit the sack at about 10:00.

Set off early in the morning to our local Metro station, as soon as we got there we bumped into our first group of marathon runners, three guys from the Leeds area, one of which was going to be running the Flora London Marathon the following week (nutter!). We all got off at the correct station and bumped into a sea of runners. All we had to do at that point was to join the mass exodus to the next metro.

Paris Marathon Medal Paris Marathon Medal (rear)

Myself and Mark ran the first 22 miles together, he needed to use the facilities (toilet break 🙂 ) so I ran the last 4.2 miles at a slightly faster pace.

Positions Name Time
8744/28261 Billy Dickson (me) 3.40.50
10424/28261 Mark Dawson 3.46.54

Here are some race statistics provided by the marathon organisers.

Below is the map of the route kindly provided by my Garmin Forerunner 305, which I wore on the day and SportTrack Software.

Paris Marathon 2008

2 thoughts on “The Paris Marathon 2008

  1. hi mate – I’m thinking of doing the Paris Marathon but i know very little about it – do you know if it’s a reasonably good one for 2 fat blokes who have never run beofre to cut their teeth on!!!

  2. Hi Wilf,

    If you want to do a marathon, the one that I would suggest is the Berlin Marathon. It’s the flattest marathon in Europe, there’s also the added advantage of being able to drink copious amounts of very nice beer after you’ve finished it.

    Couple of hints:

    This book is very good for your first marathon, it has a day by day training schedule and some very good advice.
    This stuff is very good protection against the dreaded joggers/runners nipple.
    Always go to a reputable running shop and buy decent running shoes (if they are good shop, then they will make you run in your new shoes and check that your gait is correct for that particular shoe type.

    Best of luck,


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