WordPress Plugin conflicts

I logged onto my blog last night and noticed that there was a new version of of my favorite photograph plugin NextGEN Gallery. Right, I thought, since it’s just so easy to upgrade plugins on wordpress 2.5 these day (one click), off I went and upgraded.

Logged out of my blog and went to check my gallery, low and behold the plugin Lightview Plus had stopped working with my photo gallery, damn! thought I. So off I went to the Lightview Plug forum and posted a “Help NextGEN has broken my plugin? please help” post.

I browsed over to the Lightview Plus website the following day and lo and behold someone had suggested a fix, I tried it but it didn’t work, still, it did point me in the right direction. So I spent a bit of time this afternoon and managed to work out the syntax for my site.

Log into your wordpress blog and and under:

Gallery -> Options -> Effects

I’ve made the assumption that everyone has put there gallery files in a directory called gallery under wp-contents

e.g wp-contents/gallery

If you haven’t, then you will have to change the part that says “rel=??????/” to the directory that you have placed your gallery. You can find this out by clicking on.

Gallery -> Options -> General Options, you are looking for the variable thats called “Gallery Path”

Add the following to the Link Code Line

Big thanks to the author of the Lightview plugin and Fabian in particular for the help.

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