Apparmor rule for nomachine’s free NX server and Hardy Heron

I had a bit of time today so I generated an Apparmor rule for NoMachine’s free NX server for linux. Its a bit ruff and ready but it does work. Might go back to tidy it up a bit when I’ve got more time on my hands. Tested on Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 using the following nx versions :
-rw-r--r-- 1 billy billy 3860030 2008-07-15 13:29 nxclient_3.2.0-9_i386.deb
-rw-r--r-- 1 billy billy 6246394 2008-07-15 13:30 nxnode_3.2.0-11_i386.deb
-rw-r--r-- 1 billy billy 6701004 2008-07-15 13:30 nxserver_3.2.0-13_i386.deb

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Linux Certification (Redhat or Linux Professional Institute)

m currently looking at some sort of linux certification, either  RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer or Linux Professional Institute. I’m more inclined to go for the RHCE after asking some of the guys on the Edinburgh LUG users group.

I’m currently in the process of costing it, books, exams  costs. I’ll update this post as and when I have the information.

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Penicuik Harriers 10K road race

Myself and Chris ran the Penicuik Harriers 10K road race today, got to say I really enjoyed it, although the start was a tad tough (Uphill for a while) so I was blowing big time for the first 4K or so. See the elevation graph of the route here.

What I found quite surreal, was that having lived in Penicuik. During my formative years I went to Penicuik High School, I found it really quite strange having to walk the hallowed halls of the “Big School” after so many years. That and using the same changing rooms that we used between the ages of 12-16.

The finish was eventful for me because I sprinted the last 100m to avoid getting passed by someone, I love doing that but one of these days, someone will sprint faster and I’ll be passed, it’s not happened yet but it will.

About 10 minutes after we finished the heavens opened and everyone got soaked to the skin, even heard a bit of thunder in the background.

Below are the finishing times and photos of myself and Chris at the start.

Penicuik Harriers 10K Road Race Medal

Positions Name Time
30/185 Chris Dawson 41.42
37/185 William Dickson (Me) 42.21

Here and here are some photographs of the day and below is a google map of the route provided, both provided by Penicuik Harriers.

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Linux replacement for Microsoft Visio

Ok, you want to draw a small network diagram (for your home network) but don’t want to pay lots of money for Microsoft Visio, the reason being, you only want to use it occasionally, what do you do? yep you look for free software and since I’m running linux at home you look for a free Visio like linux software.

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Squeezecenter 7 and Hardy Heron

I’ve just upgraded my home linux box to Ubuntu Hardy Heron,  installed Squeezecenter 7.0 and now it doesn’t seem to be working. After a bit of digging about I noticed that the logs were giving me a bit of a clue.

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