Topical spam from Zimbabwe

Call me cynical (yes I am)  but having had a website since 1997 and seeing the ever increasing spam problem spiral almost out of control, it’s still amazes me what people will send via e-mail in the hope of you sending your spare money to them. You mean you don’t have a spare $7,200 (US Dollars)? strange that, me either 🙂

Good Day,
I hope that this email will find you good; I am Mr.
Louis Nazanga, a 24 years old boy from Zimbabwe. I
have a serious problem with life due to the last
political crisis in my home country which brought
destruction of our houses and lost of lives.

Currently, I am among the Zimbabweans who flee to
South Africa as Refugee. And at this moment I don’t
know the way about of my parents and relatives if they
are still alive or not.

I got your email address from Internet when I was
doing some research and pleased to ask for assistance
from you.

I am therefore, begging you to assist me with a total
some of $7,200 (Seven Thousand, Two Hundred USD) to enable me start
up a new life over here, because I do not wish to be a
refugee or a beggar for my life time as I know what
God has rested in me as my talent. Do not forsake me.

Thanks and God bless you.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Louis Nazanga.

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