8 Mile run to the mast

I managed to meet up with the “The Moorfoot Runners” this morning and went for my fist 8 mile run in a couple of months. I didn’t realise that it was going to be up in the hills, not something I’ve done a lot of to be honest, still, it was an experience and I quite enjoyed it after I managed to get my breath back a bit. I didn’t’ realise quite how unfit I’ve become recently, I’ve only been running short 5Km runs in the gym nothing too strenuous (which is maybe the problem). That coupled with have a stinking cold for the last week and a half hasn’t helped my general health. My route details are below, no point telling you my speed, because I had to walk some of the route uphill. 🙂

Distance – 8.4 Miles

The Mast

Donate to the Wikipedia Foundation

Thought I would give something back today since it’s near Christmas, so I donated a little to the Wikipedia Foundation, I’ve used this site so many times this year and it’s been so damn useful. I’ve added the support wikipedia decal in my sidebar and also below in case I acidently delete it while I’m faffing about with this websites theme, which I’m apt to do.

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

John Peel Festival 50’s list

I just happen to be trawling some of my favourite music sites when I came across a John Peel Festival 50’s list, absolutely fabulous stuff. I’m currently busily making up playlist with some of the tracks I’ve got on my machine at home. Ohh the joy of the 80’s when there was an Indie scene and the music was far better (Bahh humbug, kids these days just don’t know there born!) 🙂 j/k btw