8 Mile run to the mast

I managed to meet up with the “The Moorfoot Runners” this morning and went for my fist 8 mile run in a couple of months. I didn’t realise that it was going to be up in the hills, not something I’ve done a lot of to be honest, still, it was an experience and I quite enjoyed it after I managed to get my breath back a bit. I didn’t’ realise quite how unfit I’ve become recently, I’ve only been running short 5Km runs in the gym nothing too strenuous (which is maybe the problem). That coupled with have a stinking cold for the last week and a half hasn’t helped my general health. My route details are below, no point telling you my speed, because I had to walk some of the route uphill. 🙂

Distance – 8.4 Miles

The Mast

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