The Trails and Tribulations of an Injured Runner

This is now my third week enforced rest from running, I managed to pull my right calf on a long run Saturday 3 weeks ago on mile 18 or 20. I manged to tough it out for the remaining 2 miles.

I’ve now had 2 physio sessions and I’ve been told that I should be ok to start running next week. He did say however that I need to take it slowly and gradually. Start at a mile on soft terain and work my mileage up slowly. Also, I need to be aware of any pain from my calf and stop if I feel it becoming uncomfortable or sore so that I  don’t damange it and set my recovery back.

I’ve been running for 4 years and apart from the usual soreness and fatigue, I’ve been very lucky indeed up to this point. I’m now using my running time in the gym on the elliptical trainer (cross trainer) thankfully this doesn’t agravate my injury and at least I can work on my cardio until I’m better.

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