Virgin London Marathon 2010

London Marathon magazine

I’ve managed to get into the LONDON MARATHON! on the first attempt. How lucky am I ? (the answer is very). Since I’ve been so lucky, I’m going to run it for charity, probably a cancer charity (not decide which yet). So I’ll be scrounging for donations at some point in the next few months (friends and relative beware! ;-))

I’ve taken 3 weeks off so far since the Berlin Marathon, plenty of rest I’m thinking. So next week I’ll start running some easy 4×4 miles, taking me up to 16 miles for the week. Then I’ll maybe sit down and write myself a training program based on ones I’ve done previously.

Berlin Marathon (Sept 20th 2009)

Two weeks ago I ran the Berlin Marathon and I’ve got to say, it’s still one of my favorites. I just seems to be so well organised, a total no brainer to be honest. Well, apart from me getting us lost on the way to the marathon expo on Friday all went really well. I’m thinking it’s just as well to get the “getting lost” thing over and done with on the first day there *grin*.

I actually managed a personal best so I’m well chuffed, my good friend Chris managed to pick up an injury at around the 5 mile mark which seriously affected his time (he’s usually faster than me). I will of course not slag him off about wearing a new pair of trainers (only 2 weeks old and still not worn in) for a marathon *grin*. Still, we live and learn!

Position Name Time
3440/47000 William Dickson 03:20:12
4853/47000 Chris Dawson 03:27:32