Virgin London Marathon 2010

London Marathon magazine

I’ve managed to get into the LONDON MARATHON! on the first attempt. How lucky am I ? (the answer is very). Since I’ve been so lucky, I’m going to run it for charity, probably a cancer charity (not decide which yet). So I’ll be scrounging for donations at some point in the next few months (friends and relative beware! ;-))

I’ve taken 3 weeks off so far since the Berlin Marathon, plenty of rest I’m thinking. So next week I’ll start running some easy 4×4 miles, taking me up to 16 miles for the week. Then I’ll maybe sit down and write myself a training program based on ones I’ve done previously.

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  1. Congratulations on your place. Are you still looking for a charity to support? We work in very poor communities in India, Bangladesh, Latin America and Africa helping people affected by disease and living in hard to reach areas or slums to access healthcare and re-build their lives. With only a small group of runners we offer very personal support.

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