Installing and setting up ntpd under Ubuntu

Install NTP on your home server

Bare in mind that I’m in the UK so I’m obviously I’m going to choose NTP servers that are geographically close to me.

After reading a fair bit about configuring ntp safely, what to include and what to block. My server is now serving all the machines on my home network.

My /etc/ntp.conf now looks like this.

ntp.conf file below.

Now that we have a server list in the /etc/ntp.conf, it’s time to run the daemon and see if it synchronsize properly. Make sure you have and active internet connection, then run the following command
[code lang=”bash”]
sudo /etc/init.d/ntp restart

Next to monitor the server to see if it synchronized with a time server.

[code lang=”bash”]tail -f /var/log/syslog[/code]

Give it 20-30 seconds, but if all is going well you should see a message similar to this.

[code lang=”bash”]Oct 26 16:43:05 Orion ntpd[27082]: synchronized to 2001:470:9779:1:225:22ff:fe68:9836, stratum 2
Oct 26 16:45:17 Orion ntpd[27082]: synchronized to, stratum 2
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