Installing Squeezeboxserver 7.5.1 on Hardy Heron

I’ve recently had to install Squeezebox 7.5.1 server on a virtual machine┬árunning Ubuntu Hardy Heron, so I though I would blog some instructions (just to remind me) and help anyone else.

Download Squeezebox 7.5.1 to your machine from here

Or from the shell prompt of your linux box type:

Install the relevent dependencies

Install squeezeboxserver

All done. ­čśÇ

I don’t know if this is strictly necessary, but I found this link on a website about adding audio transcoding support to squeezebox server.

Linux Lore : Trancoding

Installing SMART tools on Ubuntu

I eventually got round to installing SMART tools on my home Linux┬áserver, so now if one of the hard disks decides to start playing up or fails, I should get a nice little e-mail telling me there’s a problem. I’ve already set up e-mail on my server so I won’t go into how to set it up here, you can read all about it yourself on the Official Ubuntu Documentation pages.

First thing you need to do is install smarttools

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Installing Amazon’s MP3 downloader on Ubuntu 10.04

Thanks to google and a few websites I managed to get Amazon’s MP3 downloader to work on my linux workstation at home.

It looks like Amazon’s Amazon MP3 application requires libboost 1.34, which is older than the version now included in Ubuntu 10.04. So the first thing that you need to do is download the earlier versions of the libraries.

Next, Install the libraries

At this point you can either delete the library files (since there now installed), or keep them in case Amazon doesn’t get round to updating there software (which I’m sure they will of course).

To delete the files from your drive, do the following

Once done, simply re-run the Amazon MP3 downloader and your good to go.

Ubuntu Forum
Hilltop Yodeller’s Website
Linux Mint Website

Teaching myself Perl

I’m currently teaching myself perl, so I’m going to post any useful link that I find on here. I’m finding it quite interesting so far. ­čÖé

Beginning Perl (Free) 

Jennifer Williams from WhoIsHostingThis? has also provided a link with some paid for and free guides at Perl Guide’s and Resources.

Everybody’s first program and my first perl program.